Micanopy National Historic District and Evinston

Travelers can learn even more about the region’s history by visiting Micanopy, the oldest inland town in the State of Florida. Micanopy, in the heart of Florida, is a former Seminole Indian town settled in 1821 as Wanton’s town. It suffered under Indian attacks during the Seminole War and later experienced a citrus boom in the 1880s. Today, downtown Micanopy is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is a haven for artists and filled with antique shops. The Micanopy community includes 39 historic sites, which results in the appearance of the town being frozen in time. For this reason the movies “Cross Creek” and “Doc Hollywood” were both filmed here. Each November visitors are invited to attend the annual Micanopy Fall Festival. Another enjoyable stop along the Old Florida Heritage Highway is the Wood & Swink Old Store and Post Office located in Evinston. It has been in continuous operation since 1882 and is owned by the Wood family since 1906. The Wood & Swink Old Store and Post Office is full of produce grown outside the back door, and also sells books about Florida, the work of local painters, crafts, syrup, preserves and memorabilia.